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Gutterworks manufactures all their own gutters. The most common and most affordable material we use is Aluminum. The materials come with a baked-on enamel paint finish that is designed to last for years to come. Several color options are available to match and compliment your project. We also offer 16oz Copper. Copper typically used on extremely high-end projects and antique restorations. It is very elegant and makes a statement however it is not the most cost-effective option. 

The Gutterworks premium installation method consists of a hidden fastening system. The hidden fasteners are not visible from the ground and do not protrude through the front of the gutter. This is the best and strongest method for attachment and are positioned every 16 to 24 inches along your roofline depending on the requirements for the job. We only use Raytec Hangtite hangers due to the outstanding strength, holding power, and durability. They are the superior product and not all hangers are created equal. The number one cause for failing gutters is the installation method. Mostly due to the spike and ferrule coming loose, poor quality hangers, or too small of screws.

Gutterworks hand forms ALL mitered joints. This is a particularly important detail in the gutter installation. Gutters, although called seamless, will have joints and miters when the gutter run turns around a corner. The Gutterworks installer will spend the extra time and skill necessary to cut, notch, bend, fold, and miter together your new gutter system. We will never lower the quality and use premade joints. 90% of gutter contractors use premade joints such as the ones you find in the big box stores DIY gutter section. They are referred to strip miters or box miters. They are a crutch to patch one gutter to the next. They look extremely rough, will leak within the first year, and are usually spray painted to match the new gutter color.   


5-inch K style Gutters

5-inch K style Gutters are the most common rain gutter size and shape found on residential homes. This is a very universal gutter that can easily be replicated if you ever encounter storm damage and in need of a replacement. The 5-inch gutter has a capacity of 160 cubic inches of water per linear foot (0.7 gallons).

6-inch K style Gutters

6-inch K style Gutters are becoming more popular every day. The larger design is great for roofs needing that extra gutter capacity. These are typically used on larger residential homes, barns, shops, and warehouses. However, they can be installed on any size home especially where the clients want a gutter that is extremely easy to clean with its large opening. The 6-inch gutter has a capacity of 260 cubic inches of water per linear foot (1.2 gallons).


2x3-inch corrugated aluminum downspouts

2x3-inch corrugated aluminum downspouts are the most common and used on 5-inch and 6-inch gutters. Recommend one 2x3” downspout for every 600 sq. ft of roof surface.

3x4-inch corrugated aluminum downspouts
3-inch round 

3x4-inch corrugated aluminum downspouts are exactly twice the size of the smaller 2x3 and used mostly on 6-inch gutters but can also be used on 5-inch when extra flow is necessary. The 3x4-inch downspouts are less likely to clog due to the extra size. Recommend one 3x4” downspout for every 1200 sq. ft of roof surface.


3-inch round downspouts are a designer option and generally used for aesthetic purposes on modern custom homes. They have a classy look however they are not typically used often because they are more susceptible to damage and not as durable as the other options.


GUTTER Debris shields

Gutter debris shields or gutter guards is a product to cover the top of the gutter system to keep leaves out. There are hundreds of products on the market, most are a gimmick targeting you and the daunting task of cleaning the gutters. Please understand that gutter guards are designed to minimize maintenance to your gutters and will not eliminate it. This means they will still need to be maintained annually. Our estimator will look at your project to determine if you are a good fit for a gutter guard system. We have a few favorite options that we can discuss based on the design and roof type of the home. 

Gutter works cleaning service start at $200 for the standard size residential home. This service includes:

  • Removing all loose debris from rooftop.

  • Collect all debris by hand from interiors of gutters and downspouts.

  • Blow any grounds affected by cleaning… walkways, decks, patios.

  • Zinc sulfate monohydrate powder can be applied for moss control (extra charges will apply).


Gutterworks does NOT use a leaf blower to blow out gutter debris. It is done by hand. The blower method does work; however, it makes a huge mess. Also, the debris then goes up into your roofline and behind the gutter which will always be a burden.


*Due to the high demand for our premium gutter installations we are only able to offer cleaning service during slow periods. At that time if we are not able to fulfill your request, we will offer a referral to another specialist that we recommend.


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