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Gutterworks, LLC was founded by Craig Lobe and is based on the principles of integrity, quality, and pride. Craig is originally from Olympia, Washington, and has had a career in the gutter industry since 2005. During this time Craig has successfully completed over 10,000 gutter installations. He has encountered and overcame pretty much every circumstance in the gutter field that is possible. Everything from the ordinary home to horse arenas, 3 story turrets, tree houses, shopping malls, houseboats, fire stations, and the list goes on. Gutterworks consists of a small, tight-knit group of people that have the ambition to excel and exceed expectations. 


On the rare occasions Craig is not building a gutter system. He can be found helping others with their projects or creating one of a kind works of art. Craig is a master at anything metal and when accompanied with his attention to detail anything is possible. He has restored classic trucks for years. These builds have won trophies and have been featured in articles and magazines. He is very proficient at bringing the imagination to life with his great skill using the TIG and MIG welders. Once you see Gutterworks mobile shop you will be amazed at the metalwork that went into it. It amazes everyone that sees it.  

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