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How will you attach the gutters to my home?

  • Gutterworks only uses a heavy-duty hidden hanger system with heavy-duty screws. Spike and ferrules will never be used and are the cause of most gutter system failures. 


Do I need to be home for service?

  • No. We understand schedules can be hectic and taking a day off work is not necessary to be home during the install or estimate. We can plan to complete your job without contact.


What do I need to do to prepare for my installation?

  • Remove any fragile items such as bird feeders hanging from the roofline. Clear space under the gutter area of patio furniture, BBQs, or anything that is easily movable. Large, heavy, difficult to move items we will work around if it can be done safely. We recommend clearing all vehicles away from the home.


I do not answer the door for strangers, how will I know it is you when you come to my home?

  • We value your safety which is why all our vehicles are clearly marked with company graphics. When a contractor does not have company graphics on the trucks you should be extremely skeptical. It is awfully expensive to operate a small business in Washington and having no company graphics is a sign they are not a 100% legal entity.


What happens to my old gutters that you take away?

  • 90% of all old materials get recycled.


How much does a new gutter installation cost?

  • Many variables go into the cost of a gutter system such as difficulty, access, location, quantity of materials, and so on. There is no standard price for a home which is why we offer free estimates. Usually, the cost of a gutter system is less than the homeowner was imagining. If you are not yet ready for an onsite estimate you can email us photos of the home and we can give you an approximate price range that the job would cost.  


How do I get an estimate for my new home that we have not started building yet?

  • Email us the home blueprints and an estimate can be provided for construction loans and budgeting.


Can I buy gutter parts from you that I can not find in the stores?

  • Yes. We have it all.


Do you need power?

  • Yes. We will need a power plug in to operate our tools. Most homes have an exterior power outlet. If this is not the case, an extension cord into the garage or through the door is sufficient. If power is not available, for example at a cabin in the woods, we will prepare to bring a generator.   


What is a fascia style gutter, and do you make them?

  • Fascia style is the shape of gutter that is tall, very skinny, and flat on the face. There are no advantages to this style, and it is very dated. It was heavily used in the 1970s and 1980s. We make 5 inch and 6-inch K style gutters. We used to make fascia style gutters but have since discontinued due to the unpopularity. A common myth is that you need a fascia gutter when the home has no fascia board and is mounting directly to the rafters… this is 100% untrue. It has no advantages. 


Are the gutters installed level?

  • The new gutter system will be installed with a slight pitch toward the downspouts. ¼ “of drop per 10 ft of gutter is the required slope necessary for a gutter to properly drain. The gutter system will look and appear to be straight and the slope will not be obvious unless the roofline is extremely not level. 

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