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Here we offer customers the best gutter system on the market. We take pride in handcrafting your new seamless gutter system using the best materials available today. 


Gutterworks, LLC is the leading seamless gutter contractor in the greater Olympia area. Our service area also includes surrounding counties such as Thurston, Mason, Grays Harbor, and Lewis Counties. Our founder, Craig Lobe, established the business on the following principles: integrity, quality, and pride. While there may be many contractors providing seamless gutter installation in Washington, you can rely on our company to provide the best quality and only sell the products you need. When it comes to craftsmanship the difference is easy to see!


The gutters on your home serve as an essential part of your roof. It provides drainage for rainfall and melting snow year-round. When a gutter system fails to work correctly, it can quickly cause water damage to your roof, soffits, siding, basement, and foundation. Before a problematic gutter system becomes a serious household problem, you need to be familiar with the indicators associated with a gutter in need of replacement. Turn to us for the seamless gutter solutions when you come across any of these warning signs:​

  • Pulling or Sagging Gutter – Your gutter might be nearing the end of its lifespan if you notice it pulling away from your roof or coming loose. While you may repair this gutter problem by installing new fasteners. Doing so may not be enough to restore the gutters original shape and slope. A misshaped gutter is less effective at collecting and draining water. The main reason for a pulling or sagging gutter is poor installation with inferior products. 

  • Rust – Many older gutter systems, and still some today, are made with 26-gauge steel. Steel is not a bad product, but it is prone to rusting especially when in wet climates such as the Pacific NW. The small spots of orange coloring around your gutter and fascia are not just an aesthetic issue. They are a sign of structural degradation and starting points for holes and leaks in your gutter. 

  • Peeling Paint – When you notice paint starting to peel off, it may point to moisture damage. This frequently occurs at 90-degree joints or where the gutter goes around a corner and has failed. 

  • Remodeling – Gutter replacement is often paired with other services. Roofing and painting are the top services paired when gutters will also get replaced. Although replacement is sometimes not always needed at this point, many customers are ready for a fresh new look and worry-free future! 




When you replace your old gutters with quality seamless rain gutters, also known as continuous gutters, you enjoy these benefits:

  • Made on Site – Our state-of-the-art roll forming gutter shop on wheels will come to your home and manufacture your new gutter system to the exact dimensions of your roofline. This means every piece of gutter is fabricated and formed precisely to the required measurements and angles. We are fabricators and not just assemblers. Many gutter contractors use premade joints known as box miters and strip miters which classify them as “Assemblers”. This is a DIY method and will not hold up for years to come. It is simply not a professional method that Gutterworks would ever accept.

  • Professional Installation – Our small company with huge talent will be able to take care of any tricky situation that may arise. Our owner-operator approach leaves perfect results every single time. 

  • Minimal Maintenance – Seamless gutters have fewer joints than regular gutters which means they do not accumulate as much dirt as sectional gutters. They are also less attractive to pests looking for a new nesting home. This leads to less time maintaining and cleaning your gutter system.

The seamless gutters we install on your house offers lasting protection for your space. Our high-quality products help prevent rainwater from doing major damage to your roof, interior, and foundation. 

Besides protecting your home, our gutter systems look fantastic. We offer different sizes, different size and shape downspouts, and in over 50 different color options from our team of multiple supply chains. Our experts can color match any exterior design and even offer another color option that you may not think of to accent the property.


It's simple! Contact us… Call, Text, Email… We offer free estimates. An estimate time will be scheduled. We will arrive on time in a clearly marked service vehicle with the Gutterworks logo. At this time, we will walk your property, take measurements, and gather the specifics we need to coordinate the gutter project. We will then provide you a detailed written estimate with job specifics and cost. If you are not available to be home at the time of estimate, which happens often due to work schedules, we will arrange for the estimate to be left on-site or emailed. Once the estimate is accepted which can be the same day or over the phone, we will schedule the install date. Depending on the size or special-order materials needed, sometimes a down payment is collected. The estimate will clearly state the payment terms. There are never any hidden fees or additional costs unless work is added. 

On installation day we will arrive at the designated time. Dismantle your old gutter system and haul away all old materials. Precise measurements are then taken for manufacturing. The new gutter system is then fabricated and installed, typically completed in less than one day. When complete the property is left clean and the invoice is presented.

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